Digital Wallet and Contactless Payment.

The simple and safe way to pay with your mobile device.

Your Digital Wallet turns your smart phone, tablet or smart watch into a secure payment option:

How do I add my Debit Card to my Digital Wallet?

On your mobile device, go to your Digital Wallet app and choose to ‘Add Card’. From here, there will be setup screens that walk you through the entire process of adding a card to your Digital Wallet.

Setting Up Apple Pay

Setting Up Samsung Wallet

Setting Up Google Pay

How do I change my default debit account to my card in my Digital Wallet?

In your device settings, go to the ‘Wallet’ section followed by ‘Default Card’. This will display all of the cards in your Digital Wallet and you can select which will be the default when using at a merchant or online.

What are Contactless Payments?

Contactless cards offer a quick and secure way of making purchases simply by holding your card near the chip reader.

 Contactless payments are just as secure as inserting your card, 
only quicker.
 In fact, the process usually takes less than a second, helping to make grabbing your morning coffee faster than ever!

 So the next time you're checking out, look for the contactless icon.
 Then simply tap your card on the terminal.
 And just like that, you're on your way.
 Contactless cards. They're simple,
 quick, and secure.


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