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If you decide to offer payroll cards to your employees it will be important to find a program that works for your business and one that satisfies your workers’ needs.

Start out by talking with your financial institution to see what your options are and what your state requires. It could also be helpful to include your workers in this decision-making process so you can identify features most important to them.

You’ll want to weigh any fees your business will be charged and look at the range of card-use fees employees could face. Those costs could range from fees for ATM withdrawals or for in-store or online purchases to things like inactivity fees.

Here are features you should look for:

  • Reliable customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Fast replacement of lost or stolen cards.
  • Free ways to check balances.
  • Online access to transaction history.
  • Account notifications.
  • A variety of ways to access funds.
  • Bill pay services.

Once you decide on a payroll card program, work with your vendor to produce an easy-to-understand education program produced in the languages your employees are most comfortable with. Identify and answer as many questions as possible and be sure your workers know how they can access and spend their money.

You might even consider providing the educational material in multiple formats, such as text and video.

The keys will be finding the right program to meet your business needs and then educating your employees on how best to use the payroll card program if they elect to use it.