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Are you doing all you can to guard your important business information from being held hostage?

Ransomware is a threat to businesses and is malware that targets and encrypts digital data on computers and mobile devices. It then allows attackers to demand payment to unlock the files.

Once hit, businesses face the threat of losing vital electronic files – and even if you pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee the crooks will unlock the data. It can be costly, no matter what.

Here are some tips to help you protect your business:

  • Run backups regularly, and make sure a copy of that data is stored off the network to protect it from ransomware. This will help you restore files if necessary.
  • Train your employees. Make sure they know not to download attachments from unknown senders or click on links in suspicious emails. This is an extremely important line of defense.
  • Update operating systems and software so the latest security patches are installed.
  • Control who has administrative privileges and what staff can do while signed into the system.
  • Have a plan on how your business will respond to a ransomware attack. Everyone should be trained - from general staff to management.

Protecting against ransomware is key to keeping your business safe.