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As a business, social media engagement should be an important part of any marketing plan.
The trick is deciding what to post. Too many purely promotional posts might turn customers away, but purely informational ones probably won’t increase your sales. And a steady stream of overly emotional appeals will likely sour even your most faithful followers. Let’s look at each.
Informational posts are a good way to build your brand’s image and make a personal connection with your followers. Think about sharing pictures of you or your employees or giving a behind-the-scenes look at your business and what it does.
Promotional posts are a great way to share new products, upcoming sales, or just highlight existing products. But don’t feel limited to one kind of post. Shake things up with a contest or a giveaway, or share customer reviews or testimonials.
Emotional posts are not really a distinct type, but are frequently incorporated into both informational and promotional posts. They can be powerful tools for selling your products or services and are also more likely to be shared with others by your followers. On the other hand, many consumers will recognize emotional manipulation when they see it, for example, making exaggerated claims about what your product can do.  While the potential impact of emotional appeals can be great, they also have a much higher chance of backfiring if handled poorly, so use them carefully!
Whatever your business might be, it will likely benefit from a healthy mixture of different types of posts. Just remember to keep your ultimate business goal in mind, and post accordingly.