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Does Your Business Need A Website? The Answer Is Yes.

In a 24/7 world where everything is just a search away, does your small business really need a website?

The answer is 'Yes'.

A website can be just the right tool for making a first impression.

It’s perfect for displaying information about your products, services, hours, location and contact info.

Getting ready to build and launch a website can seem daunting, but with the right planning it can be easier than you think. 

First, you’ll want to decide what you want to do and what information to display.

The next step will be securing your domain name.

Since this will act as the address of your website, it’s important to get it as close to your business’s name as possible.

It will be essential that your site looks great, is easy to use, and stays up to date. Which is why many businesses pay someone to build and maintain their website for them. 

You’ll also need to find a website hosting provider that will allocate space on a server for your code, content, images and other files. You’ll want to find one that is reliable and easy to work with.

Once your site is coded and it’s up and running, you’ll need to factor in ongoing expenses for hosting, support and other upkeep costs.

While you’ll need to factor these expenses into your budget, you’ll be able to move forward knowing that you are now open 365 days a year.