Welcome to the next generation of online banking. A powerful suite of online banking services, designed for the way you live your life. Check your account balances. Review past transactions, and receive your monthly statements online. Transfer money between accounts instantly, or schedule future transfers to repeat on a regular basis. Quickly pay bills with just a few clicks. Or securely send and receive money with people you know You can even choose to receive alerts when certain events happen, like when a balance drops below a certain amount. All this behind a sophisticated security system that uses multiple levels of security to protect your information. The information you need, when you need it, all in one place. Sign up today and discover what online banking should be.

Secure Login

Logging in to your accounts is simple and very secure. In fact, every time you log in we use strong multi layer security that not only confirms your credentials, it confirms the device you're using. When a new device is detected or our system detects suspicious activity, you may be asked to further verify your identity by entering a one-time passcode. This strong approach to security provides simple access to your accounts and offers powerful protection against online fraud. To log in, simply visit our website. Then confirm you're at our trusted site by checking our certificate. If everything looks OK, enter your credentials, and continue. The first time you log in, simply enter your phone number. In the future, this number may be used to help authenticate your identity. When ready, continue to securely log in. That's it! Once logged in, Profile is where you manage your personal settings such as your password and phone numbers used to authenticate your identity. During future logins, if a new device is detected or our system suspects suspicious activity, you'll be asked to further verify your identity. Just choose a method to receive your passcode. Then, based on your selection, you'll soon receive either a text message or a phone call. containing your one-time passcode. Simply enter this code to securely log in.

A Quick Tour

Introducing Online Banking From the moment you log in, you'll discover a refreshingly simple way to quickly manage your accounts in real time. B4 4 Right away, you’ll see if there are any unread alerts in your secure inbox, as well as a quick snapshot of your accounts. You can make quick transfers and easily review an account's recent activity. Want to open a new account? Let’s get started. And if you’re in a hurry to pay a bill, it just takes a few seconds. From here, you can also access your credit score. The Accounts Tab offers detailed information for the selected account. Just select another account to change it. Details displays the account's transaction activity, including its scheduled, pending, and posted items. You can use this account to create transfers, view its electronic documents, categorize its transactions, download the information, and request stop payments on checks. The Transfer Tab is your Transfer Center, and offers powerful tools for controlling your movement of money. Quickly create new transfers and review a list of scheduled transfers. Bill Payment helps make managing your bills a breeze. In fact, take advantage of our auto-pay feature, and we’ll take care of it automatically! And our simple yet intuitive budgeting tools can help keep you on track, plan for your future, and help you achieve your financial goals! Want to know if your account balance drops below a certain amount? Alerts are a great way to stay informed when certain events happen. And if you have a question, send us a secure email. Profile is where you manage personal information like passwords. It’s also where you manage your eStatements and the devices you use for mobile banking. Finally, Log Out securely ends your session. We recommend logging out each time you end your session. Online Banking It’s a refreshingly simple approach. The information you need, when you need it.


By default... once logged in... Home... is the first screen you'll see. It offers a quick at-a-glance view of your accounts... along with convenient access to transfers... recent transactions... and your bills. including your Popmoney contacts. Accounts... either displays your account balance... or if it's a loan account... the principal balance. And using an account to make a transfer from your home page... will pre-fill in your from account. saving you a step. you can also quickly review an accounts recent activity. Edit Accounts... Let's you update nicknames... show or hide the account on your home page... and change the order in which they appear. And the account listed at the top... will be used as your default account. Paying a bill is easy too. simply select a biller from your list... enter the pay date... and the amount. There...Done! Sending money to people is just as easy… Just tell us who you want to send the money to... Then... how much to send. Finally... selecting an account on your Home page... opens the Account Details.


The Accounts Tab… Offers detailed information for the selected account. Just select another account to change it. Details... displays the accounts transaction activity. including its scheduled… pending… and posted items. you can filter your list to display only certain types of transactions... and easily print this information for reference. To search for a specific transaction... simply enter the amount... check number... or...the date range you'd like to review. You can use this account to create transfers… View its electronic documents, such as eStatements… categorize it’s transactions… download the information… and… request stop payments on checks.


eStatements are a convenient and secure way to receive your statements electronically. To view a statement, just select the associated link and then view the PDF. The statement will open in a separate browser tab or window. When finished, simply close the tab to return to your dashboard. If you don't see a current statement, don't worry. Recently enrolled accounts may not have available statements until the end of your next statement cycle.


Transfers... offers powerful tools for controlling your movement of money. From here you can quickly create new transfers... and review a list of those you've scheduled. Creating a new transfer is easy. Simply select the accounts. And change the date if you'd like to schedule it in the future. If the transfer will repeat... select the frequency... and the duration. Then enter the amount... and if you'd like... a description to help remind you why it was created. That's It! Your transfer will be completed... and if it repeats... you'll see it listed under your scheduled transfers. Where you can make changes... and delete it at any time.

External Transfers

In a perfect world, all of your money would be kept in a central location where it would be readily available every time you need it. However, we often keep money in multiple places for many different reasons. Our powerful transfer money tool lets you freely move money to and from each of these accounts, making it a powerful ally in an effort to keep your finances organized. It's one of the simplest, most helpful money management tools


Selecting Bill Payment... opens your Payment Center. offering powerful yet simple tools for managing all your payment activity. From the Payment Center... You can easily set up billers... and quickly pay your bills. Even schedule them to be paid automatically. And with Popmoney... our personal payment service... you can securely send money to another person... using just their email address... or mobile phone number.


Selecting our budgeting option opens your personal finance manager: a powerful suite of tools showing you exactly where your finances are at and in what direction they're headed. You'll see a snapshot of your current finances, charts that explore your spending habits, and tools for creating budgets and for setting goals.

Alerts (About)

With our real-time alerts, you can keep even better track of your money and spend less time doing it. Simply set up your alerts and live your life. Want to know if your balance drops? How about when a deposit is made? With our real-time alerts, you'll know the moment it happens, without ever logging in. They're not only convenient, they can also help you spot signs of fraud and identity theft. Plus, there's a variety of alerts to choose from. And the notifications you receive are completely up to you. If an alert is triggered, it can be delivered to your mobile phone via text message, your email inbox, or inside your online banking. By keeping constant watch over your accounts every moment of every day, our new alerts offer even stronger security, a new level of convenience, and a new peace of mind.

Alerts (Quick Tour)

When you log in, right away, you’ll see if there are any unread alerts in your secure inbox. Selecting Alerts from your homepage or from the menu displays a quick overview of the alerts you've previously set up. Once added, they'll be included in your list here. They are displayed sorted by category, along with the type of alert and where it will be delivered. You can edit your alerts at any time. simply update the information, then save. Alert Options displays the available options you have for adding alerts, sorted by category. To add a new alert, just select a topic, the type of alert you'd like to add, how you'd like to be contacted, then save. Contact Options is where you set up your contact information, A2 24 including your email addresses and numbers to use when sending text messages. It's also where you add any Do Not Disturb times. Any alerts generated during that time frame will be held until that period ends. To add a new email address, just enter the address and save. When you're ready to verify the address, send the activation code. Once received, type in the code to activate it. Sent Alerts displays a list of your alerts that have been activated. If any of the alerts you've subscribed to are triggered, they will be shown in the list. Triangles indicate new, unread alerts. At a glance, you'll see the date the notification was sent, the alert type, and a detailed description of why it was triggered. A new alert can be marked as Read or deleted. Similarly, the entire list can be marked as Read or deleted.

Secure Mail

Communicating with us through our secure messaging center... is as easy as sending and receiving emails. Your inbox... displays messages from us... Just select one to read it. Then, if you'd like... reply. You can remove old messages... and compose new ones. With our secure mail... you can safely include sensitive information such as account numbers. Then, let us know how we can be of service. Once finished... your new message will be included in your sent mail... and we'll get back to you... the moment we have an answer.


Profile... is where you customize your profile settings. Such as your passwords... Challenge Questions and answers... email address... You can also enroll for electronic statements... and manage the devices you use for our mobile banking service. To make a change... simply type in the new information... Then... Save.

Manage Mobile Devices

If you choose to take advantage of our mobile banking services... Profile... is where you'll manage your mobile devices. From here you can view a list of your currently active devices... select which accounts you'd like to display on your phone. And update your current time zone. to make a change to an active device... just select an option from the drop down. You can also add new devices from here. You can download our app... sign up for Text Banking... or register a device for our mobile site. Plus you can choose to receive your Account alerts as text messages. No matter how you choose to receive your account information... you'll be confident knowing our multi factor authentication helps keep your information secure.