A Quick Tour

Introducing eMobile Banking A fresh new way to manage your money, your payments, your cards, and just about any other financial obligation you might have. All securely locked behind sophisticated multi layer security. From the Log In page, you have the option of enabling instant balance. Offering quick balances without logging in. If your device supports biometric authentication you’ll have the option of logging in using facial recognition, or saved fingerprints. Once logged in you’ll see your favorite accounts. Below, you’ll find your quick links. You can also access these links from the More menu. Tapping an account displays its transaction history. Another tap displays the check’s image. Transfer and Pay is where you control the movement of money. You can make real time transfers between your accounts with us. And Pay Bills. Deposit is where you deposit your paper checks. And More, is where you’ll find our additional services. find Locations, access your Debit Card Controls, and review what's new. It's also where you manage your personal settings... Such as Instant Balance, device biometrics, eMobile Banking It’s a fresh new way to manage your money, wherever you go.

Secure login

Logging in from your mobile device is simple. and very secure. In fact the first time you log in... you'll be logging in using the same multi-layer security... that's used as if you're logging in from your desktop computer. We confirm your credentials... along with the device you are using. When a new device is detected... you'll be asked to answer one of your Challenge Questions... to confirm your identity. This strong approach to security provides simple access to your accounts... and offers powerful protection against online fraud. The first time you log in... you'll begin by entering your User ID. which can be saved for future logins. So the next time you log in... you can simply enter your Password. If asked a security question... type your answer... to securely log in. If there's any new functionality... you may be offered a quick preview of the enhancements. Close the window when finished. That's it. Once logged in... You have a few options available for future log ins. Under the More option... you'll find Instant Balances... which lets you preview selected balances without requiring you to log in. And if your device supports fingerprint authentication… or facial recognition... you'll have the option of logging in with either method.


Staying connected to your accounts on the go, is easy. Just log in... and right away... you'll see your accounts... along with your balance information. Below, you'll find your Quick Links… which are simply convenient links to popular features… Such as your card controls. You can also access these links… from the more menu. Selecting Sort… lets you change the order in which your accounts appear. Simply drag an account to change its position. Tap Done… to save your changes. Selecting an account… displays the accounts recent transactions. Including any items that are still pending. Just scroll through the list to view more. If a transaction includes the check icon... you can tap it, to view both the front... and the back of the check. When finished, simply close the window. Then use the back arrow… to return to the Accounts page.

Transfer & Pay

With Transfer and Pay… Managing your finances… Transferring funds… Paying bills… And sending money to other people… Almost instantly… Is simple… And right at your fingertips… Wherever you go. From the menu… just select Transfer and Pay. From Transfers… You can make internal transfers between your accounts with us. And view a list of your upcoming transfers… that are scheduled in the near future. Make and Manage Payments… Offers a powerful suite of tools that simplify all your payments. It offers convenient tools for organization... making payments… adding contacts... reviewing your activity... and turning paper bills into electronic contacts. You can even use Popmoney… to send money to other people… With just their phone number… Or email address. Or use their debit card information… and send money almost instantly. Whether it’s your cable bill… Or your son that’s away at college. With Transfer and Pay… it’s easy. And It’s a fresh new way to manage your money… Wherever you go.


From Transfers… You can make internal transfers between your accounts with us. And view a list of your upcoming transfers. Let’s walk through each of these… Starting by creating an internal transfer. Begin, by selecting the accounts. Then, the amount to transfer. And if you'd like… Schedule it to take place in the future. Review your information… and if correct… make your transfer. That’s it. You'll see your updated balances… Along with a reference number... Verifying your transfer is complete. View Scheduled Transfers… Displays a list of your upcoming internal transfers. Just tap… To view the details. If the transfer is not recurring... You can delete it… Or schedule a new one. With Transfers… It’s easy to move your money, when and where you need it.


Managing your payments… Whether you’re on the go… Or simply at home on the couch… Is simple. Selecting, Make and manage payments… Offers convenient tools for organization... making payments… adding contacts... reviewing your activity... and turning paper bills into electronic contacts. With Popmoney you can send money to almost anyone… almost instantly. The To-Do List... offers an at a glance view of your past due bills... bill due reminders... ebills… And money requests you've received through Popmoney. Pay my contacts… is the easy way to make payments. Whether you’re paying a company… or a person. Wanna add a new contact? Great! Let’s get started You can add new billers simply by snapping a photo of your bill... or add companies and people by entering their information manually. Your Payment Activity... combines your recently paid bills... with your Pop-money activity... offering a complete picture of your payment history. And our new Bill Capture tool... offers a quick shortcut for turning your paper bills... into electronic contacts... that can then be paid in just a few taps. Now that's convenient. And speaking of convenient... with Popmoney you can securely send... request... and receive money from just about anyone... with just their email address... or mobile phone number... and the money goes from your account... directly into theirs. Whether you're paying your electric bill... your car loan... or your daycare provider... Make and Manage Payments… makes it easy.

- To Do

Your To Do List… Is great for knowing if a payment requires your attention. And if needed... It offers a simple and convenient way of taking care of it. It's also the very first item under the payments option. Think of it as your personal payment assistant... Helping you to remember to make payments as they come due. The items appear by due date. With your most urgent... and past due items near the top. Your list also includes any bill due reminders. Upcoming eBills... Bill capture reminders... And any money thats been requested from other people. Simply tap an item... To view its details. And if a payment needs made... Make your payment. Your To-Do list is fast... Its simple... And helps make paying bills... Easier than ever.

- Pay My Contacts

Pay My Contacts… is where you make your payments. Whether you're paying this month's utility bill... Setting up a recurring payment for your cable service... or paying your babysitter. In fact… you can make payments to almost anyone... from just about anywhere… at almost any time. You can even add new contacts… right from here. To pay a bill… just select a company from the list. Enter the amount… and choose your delivery date. Review the details... and when ready, pay it. Thats it. Your payment will be scheduled for the selected date... and added to your payment activity. From here… you can add recurring payments... or return to the payment center.

- Manage Contacts

Managing your contacts… while on the go… is easy. Whether you’re updating your electric bill… changing the address for your cable service… or adding a new babysitter. And adding new contacts… is quick and easy. In fact, if you have an invoice… it’s as simple as snapping a photo. If the billers information is readable… save your bill and your contact is created automatically. And is ready to be paid. Better yet… if they’re a part of our electronic payment network… they’re ready to be paid as early as today. No invoice? No problem. You can add them manually. Just type their name… and we’ll check to see if the name you’ve added… matches any merchants in our database… as well as the contacts on your device. If a match is found… we’ll display the matching contacts… and you can simply select them from the list. If a company is matched… just add your account information… and you’re all set to make your payment. If a person is matched… and they’re already in the Popmoney network… simply tell us how you’d like to notify them about your payment. And you’re ready to send them money. If they’re not a registered Popmoney user… we’ll simply ask for their email address… or phone number. Once added… they’re ready to receive a Popmoney payment. From here… you also have the option of setting them up for direct deposit. Or… add a street address to mail them a paper check. No matter who needs paid… no matter where you are… managing your contacts is quick and easy.

- Activity

Tapping Payment Activity... displays your recent payment activity at various stages of processing. Including any payments that are pending... processing... cancelled... and those which have been delivered. Selecting any payment that is still pending... lets you cancel... or edit it. Selecting edit... lets you switch funding accounts... update the amount... and change the delivery date. Or, selecting cancel... will delete the payment altogether. If the payment is recurring... it only removes the next payment in the series. To search for specific transactions... type the contacts name... and any recent transactions with that contact will display. If the payment is still pending... simply select it... to view the details.

- Bill Capture

Did you know that if you have a paper bill... you can turn it into an electronic contact... that can be paid in just a few taps? With our new Bill Capture tool, it's just that easy. Just tap to take a picture... Then position your phone so your entire invoice is visible within the window. The software will attempt to locate your bill... then ask you to hold still… while it snaps a picture of it. If it's readable... our OCR technology then attempts to extract the billers name... amount due… and due date... to create your biller automatically. If a field can't be read... simply fill in the missing information. Then, save your bill. How easy is that? You can add additional images... Or select finish… to add this bill to your to-do list. Or, if you're ready to pay it... select the delivery date… and delivery method. Next, review your information… and pay it. That's it. You can add recurring payments... or if you're finished… return to the payment center. Bill Capture. It's the easy way to turn paper bills… into electronic contacts.

- Popmoney

With Popmoney... you can securely send... request... and receive money from just about anyone. With just their email address... or mobile phone number. While many of Popmoney's features are built into your other payment tools... you also have the option of selecting Popmoney. You can send money you owe... and request money that's owed to you. View your To Do list... review recent activity... and update your preferences. If your sending money... just tell us who you're sending it to. or type their name... to easily add them from your phones contacts. Then enter the amount. And add a personal message. Update the send date... delivery speed... and funding account. Then, continue. If everything looks correct... Pay it. It's that simple! Your contact is notified. And we'll give them simple instructions about how to deposit their money. Save, brings you back to the Send Money page... to make another payment... or return to the Popmoney menu. Requesting money? It's just as easy! And it's a great way to get reimbursed for rent... shared phone bills... or pitching in for team soccer jerseys. Just add the people that owe you money. And tell us how much is owed. If everyone owes the same amount... just type it in. If you need to split it up differently... simply customize the amount owed per person. Add your message. And Continue. If everything looks correct... Send your request. That's it! Your contacts will be notified about your request... and we'll let you know, the moment you get paid! Popmoney. It's the easy way to send... request... and receive money.

Deposit A Check

Making a deposition on the go, is easy. From Deposit... you can deposit your paper checks... as well as review your recent deposit history. To deposit a check... begin by properly endorsing the check you will be depositing. When depositing checks using your smart phone… or other mobile device… we follow the recommendations found in Federal banking regulations… and ask you to endorse your checks as demonstrated here. By doing that… it helps us identify checks that are deposited electronically. When ready… Select Deposit a Check. To deposit a check... Choose the account to make your deposit. Then enter the amount. Now, take a photo of the front of the check. Photograph the check against a background that gives you strong contrast. Ensure the entire check is visible… In focus, and well lit. When ready… tap the camera icon… to snap your picture. If it’s clear… use it. Repeat this process for the back of the check. Once both images have been captured... Make your deposit. If asked a security question... Simply type your answer. That’s it! You can view recent deposits at anytime. Statuses include pending… Failed… And those which have been accepted. When depositing checks using your smart phone... It's recommended that you write a note on the original document... Reminding you that the check has been deposited... Then storing the document until you’ve confirmed it's been accepted… Before safely destroying it.


With our convenient locations service… getting direction to the nearest ATM or branch… is simple. Selecting locations… marks nearby locations on the map. Or, in a list. Tapping a location… Displays its details. Tap again… for directions. Tapping the pin icon… Returns you to the map. While in map view… You can tap the navigation icon… To lock your screen to true north. You may also search locations by category. Or, by address. Then Tap a location… to view its distance… And address. Tap it again, for details. Such as phone numbers, hours… And services. Then tap the navigation icon… For turn by turn directions.

Manage My Cards

With, Manage My Cards… You have powerful tools for managing… And protecting your debit cards… Misplace a wallet? Simply turn your card off. When found, turn it back on. Plus you can also set card limits… and control how your cards are used. It’s strong protection for your debit cards… and can be accessed from either the accounts page… or under, More. From Manage My Cards… you can review the statuses of each of your cards… and you can block cards… and unblock them, almost instantly. When blocked… purchases made with your card are declined. Unblock it… And your card works like normal. You can report lost or stolen cards and set card limits. Transaction Amount Limit… is great for controlling family spending. If a purchase exceeds a certain dollar amount… the card is declined. Location limit… Lets you block international transactions… or block transactions outside a selected area. Just enter an address… and set the active radius. If the card is used outside the selected area… the purchase will be declined. Merchant limit... restricts your card from being used at certain types of merchants. So, your kids can use the card to put gas in the car… but not to see a movie. How's that for keeping you in control.

Instant Balance

With Instant Balance… Saved Users can simply tap the Instant Balance icon on their Password screen... to securely preview their balances. If it's not yet enabled... tapping the icon will display a set-up screen. To set up Instant Balance... Simply login from here. Once logged in… you'll go right to the instant balance set-up. Just turn it on... Then select which accounts you'd like to include in your preview. There… you're all set. The next time you’re curious about a balance... simply tap the Instant Balance icon on your password screen. How's that for convenient! You can manage your instant balance settings... as well as which accounts are displayed… under More. Then, select the Instant Balance option to make your changes.

Touch ID / Face ID

If your logging in from a device that supports fingerprint authentication... or facial recognition... and have enabled it in your device settings... you’ll have the option of logging in with either method. From the More option... just locate the fingerprint settings. On Apple devices… it’s either labeled Touch ID… or Face ID. On Android devices… it’s called Fingerprint Login. Then, simply turn it on. That's it. All saved biometric profiles saved on your device… can now be used for logging in. So the next time you're asked to enter your password... simply allow your device to recognize you… to securely log in. To ensure high levels of security... if you log in using biometrics… Such as a fingerprint… or facial recognition... we may ask for your password... prior to completing certain types of transactions.

Tablets (A Quick Tour)

Introducing... eMobile Banking It’s a fresh new way to manage your money… your payments… your cards... and just about any other financial obligation you might have. Right from your iPad... or Android based tablet. E 1 E 2 E 3 If your device supports biometric authentication… you’ll have the option of logging in using facial recognition… or saved fingerprints. Once logged in... you'll see your accounts. Along with Quick Links. Tapping an account... displays its transactions history. Another tap... displays the checks' image. Transfer and Pay... is where you control the movement of money. You can make real time transfers between your accounts with us. Pay Bills. And with Popmoney... you can securely send money to other people... without sharing personal information. Deposit is where you deposit money you've received electronically. And More is where you’ll find our additional services. L3 (no acct, no credit) 1 L3 (no acct, no credit) 2 M2 (inst, touch) 1 M2 (inst, touch) 2 eMobile Banking P 1 P 2