Introducing the easy... fast... and secure way to pay all your bills in one place. Bill Pay It's a great way to manage your payments. You can pay virtually anyone in the United States... From the local bakery... to a fortune 500 company. Even your baby sitter. You can also securely send money to friends and family... with only their email address... or cell phone number. Plus, you can group similar payments... like utilities, cable, and phone... into categories... like household. To help you stay organized. And speaking of organized... If you have multiple checking or savings accounts... at various financial institutions... you can even transfer money between these accounts. So your money is always available... regardless of where you keep it. Select the convenience of eBills. You can choose to receive bills online... rather than through the mail. They're green, convenient, secure... and easy to manage. Set email reminders that can notify you when a bill is ready to be viewed... or when it's due. It's completely up to you. And for your bills that stay the same each month... like your mortgage... car loan... and your cable bill... take advantage of the automatic payment feature... and your bill will be paid each month, automatically. It's like having a personal assistant paying your bills for you. Need to make sure you made a payment? Your bill history is right at your fingertips. You can search for past payments by company... date, and status... the moment you need an answer, wherever you are. And our secure messaging center... helps you get answers to any other question you might have. For instance... How did you pay that so fast? It's very secure. In fact... experts say it's more secure than mailing paper checks. Reducing your risk of fraud and identity theft. So give it a try... and see how much time it saves you.

A Quick Tour

From the moment you pay your first bill... whether it's your mortgage... your cable tv... or your car loan. You'll appreciate a secure payment solution... that's not only simple... it's also flexible enough to reimburse your best friend for those concert tickets. It's just that easy. And getting started is simple. The first time you log in... you'll be guided through a simple... three step process of adding and paying your first billers. You'll be surprised how easy it is. Add companies by logo... or by searching for their name. And paying a person is as easy as telling us who you'd like to pay... and adding their mobile phone number. That's it! From your payment center... you can add more billers... and pay bills in seconds. You'll also review your payee activity... add Reminders... set up automatic payments... And if your biller offers eBills... choose to receive your bill electronically. You can even send money to your Popmoney contacts here as well. On the right... you'll see your Incoming Payments... Reminders... Pending Payments... including outgoing... and incoming. You'll also see any payments that have recently completed. From the menu... you can review all your bill pay activity. Including any money you've requested from other people. You can also use our person to person payment service to send and receive money. Or use our powerful bank to bank transfer service. to make transfers to and from your accounts at other financial institutions. You can also manage which accounts are used. as well as your profile information for Bill Pay... and Popmoney. Finally... If you have questions... visit our help center to get answers to the most commonly asked questions. It's a powerful, complete payment system... that's easy to use... and very secure.

The Payment Center

Once you've set up at least one biller... you'll see your payment center. The payment center... is your dashboard for your bill pay activities. From here... you can quickly pay your bills... and split expenses. It's a great way to share bills with roommates... collect money for team uniforms... or get reimbursed for a dinner bill you've split with friends. Send money... is where you make your payments... and manage your contacts. You can add new companies and people. View your activity... add reminders... and set up automatic payments. Plus if your biller offers eBills... you can choose to receive your bill electronically. You can also view a payees specific details... such as the category... account number... and contact information. And you can remove bills that are no longer needed as well. Once you've added at least five billers... you can begin adding categories... to help organize your list. On the right... you'll see your incoming payments that are awaiting your approval. you'll also find your reminders... pending payments... and the payments that have recently completed. Outgoing... displays the payments you've sent. While incoming... displays those you've received. And sending money is as easy as telling us how much to pay... then sending the money. The payment center makes managing your bills a breeze.

Add A Company

Adding a payee to your payment center is easy. Begin by choosing whether you'd like to add a company or a person. To add a company... either search for your company by name... or select a category... and browse for their logo. Then simply enter your account number. And if they offer eBills... you'll be offered the opportunity to receive your bill electronically. eBills are quicker... environmentally friendly... and more secure than receiving your bill through the mail. When ready, add them. That's it. If finished, you can continue to your payment center... or add another bill. This time, lets search by name. If a match is found... just select their icon. Or, if we can't find a match... select the payee type... and enter your account information manually. It's just that easy. You'll see your newly added companies in your pay bills list.

Add A Person

Adding a person to your payment center... is just as easy as adding a company. Simply tell us who you'd like to add. Then... simply enter either their email address... or mobile phone number. or... you can add their bank account information for direct account to account transfers. or enter their address information... and we'll send them a paper check. It's just that easy. If finished, continue to your payment center. You'll see your newly added person in your pay bills list.

Sending Money

Once you've added a company... or person... to your payment center... you can start paying bills... or sending people money. To pay a bill... simply enter the amount... and the earliest standard payment date is added automatically. You can use the calendar to change this date. If a rush delivery is available... you'll have the option of expediting your payment. For companies that can receive electronic payments... we'll pay them today. Or, if they require a paper check... we'll overnight a check to them. Paying a person is just as easy. You have the choice of depositing their money directly into their bank account... or mailing them a check. Selecting Popmoney... notifies them by either email... or text message... that you've sent them money. Along with simple instructions on how to deposit it. It's simple and secure... and usually faster than mailing a paper check. Once you've filled in the amounts you'd like to pay... and your total dollar amount looks correct... send your money. Review your payments... and if you've selected to send them a Popmoney payment... add a personal message about why you're sending them money. When ready, Submit. That's it. From here... you can print the confirmation details for your records... and return to your Payment Center. You'll see your newly added payments under Pending Payments. You can change... or cancel any payment that has not yet been sent.


Paying bills online is easy... fast... and secure. And when you add e-Bills... you unlock many more great features. Plus since e-Bills are delivered in a secured electronic environment… they're safer than receiving paper bills. And making the switch to eBills is easy. If a biller offers e-Bills... you'll see the Get e-Bills flag next to their name. just click to sign up. If you have multiple e-Bills available... select a biller... provide the information requested... agree to their terms of use... and... add them. Continue with other billers... Then when ready... agree it's ok to share your email address... and... Submit. That's it. Once activated... a small icon will be added next to the e-Bills link for each biller. and when your bill is ready... you'll see at-a-glance... the due date... and minimum amount due. Selecting the flag... or clicking the e-Bills link... will display your payment information. Along with a link to view your bill. To make a payment... just select... or enter the amount... and make your payment as usual. e-Bills are just that easy... and you can cancel them at anytime. Still not convinced? Some billers even offer a trial period... so you can try using eBills while still receiving your paper bill. If you don't activate e-Bills by the end of your trial period... you'll simply stop receiving them. If you have a biller offering a trial period... you'll either see the number of remaining days. or if your bill is ready to view... you'll see the due date... and minimum payment. Just click the flag to view your bill... and make your payment. Once paid... the flag will switch back to show the number of trial days remaining. Clicking it during this time will take you to the enrollment. And clicking the e-Bills link... offers a brief overview... along with a link to enroll. e-Bills. Simple. Convenient. Secure.

Organize Your List

Once you've added at least 5 payees to your Payment Center... you'll have the option of organizing your payees into groups... to help make them easier to manage. Simply add a new group... then use the dropdown selector next to a biller... to move that bill into that new group. You can hide them from your Payment Center... rename them... and delete groups that are no longer useful. When you're finished... return to the Payment Center to see your list.

Automatic Payments

AutoPay... is perfect for bills that stay the same each month. For example... car payments... mortgages... and cellphones. It not only saves time... it can help avoid missed payments. To set up auto pay... just tell us about the payment. Including the amount... delivery date... frequency... duration... and how you'd like to be notified. Then, when ready... start sending payments. That's all it takes. You'll see your new payment information... and when your next bill is due... we'll take care of it automatically. And we'll continue paying it as long as instructed. You can add multiple auto pays... make changes... or stop it at any time. Autopay makes paying bills that stay the same each month... a piece of cake.


Reminders... are perfect for bills that often change each month. For example, credit cards... and utilities. And like automatic payments... they not only save time... they help you avoid missed payments. To set up a reminder... Just tell us about the payment. Including the typical due date... the amount you usually pay... how often you receive the bill... and how far in advance you'd like your reminder to show up in your payment center. To have your reminder emailed to you... just tell us where to send it. and when to remind you. When it's due... when it begins processing... and if it's not paid by the due date. Then, send it. That's it. You'll see a preview of your new reminder. And you can change it... or stop it at any time. Once triggered... we'll place a reminder on your payee. And if you selected to have us remind you through email... we'll also email your reminder as instructed. Reminders help make paying bills that fluctuate each month... almost as easy as AutoPay.

View Activity

Selecting the Activity tab... displays an overview of all your payment activity. as well as the activity for your sent requests. Payments includes both your bill reminders... and payment activity. You can change the date range... and filter your list to display the activity for a specific type of payment. Selecting a payment displays its details. including a status bar... confirmation number... and type of payment. Plus you can make changes to, or cancel... any payment that has a status of pending. Below you'll see totals for both your incoming... and outgoing payments. And you can easily download this information to your desktop. Sent requests... lets you easily track the statuses of your open requests... and lets you quickly review your request history. Selecting a request, displays its details. From here you can also cancel pending requests that are no longer needed.

About Popmoney

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to send money to family... friends... or anyone you know? Sure, you could mail them a check. But it can take days before the check arrives. And then even longer... for them to find time to deposit the check. Here's a better solution... Use our Popmoney personal payment service. It's the easy way to send... and receive money. All you need is the recipient's name, email address... or mobile phone number. And the money is transferred from your account... right into theirs... To send money... just enter the recipient's name... and email address. The dollar amount... and if you like... a personal message. You can even turn the message into an e-greeting card. For those times when you want to make it extra special. Then send. That's it. There are no postal delays. No extra trip to deposit the check. Your recipient will be notified that you've sent them money... and receive simple instructions on how to claim the funds. Once completed... the money will be deposited into his or her checking or savings account. It couldn't be any easier... and your money is delivered safe and sound. Popmoney changes the way you pay other people... for the better.

Sending Money

Sending money is quick...and easy... First, select the name of the person you are sending the payment to. if this is a new recipient... you can add them as a new contact. You can enter the new contacts name... email address... mobile phone information... and even their bank account information for direct account-to-account transfer. Next, enter the amount you want to send... and a date to send the payment. You can schedule the send date up to a year in the future... or select the earliest available date to send the payment right away. If this is a type of payment that will happen more than once... for example, weekly or monthly... Select the frequency for the recurring payment... and when you want the payments to end. You can also cancel the recurring payment at any time. Next, select how fast you'd like the money to be sent. And the account you want the payment taken from. Next enter a personal message. This message will appear in the email they receive... along with instructions for claiming the money. If you send your payment using an email address... you'll also have the option of customizing the email with a unique design. Choose from a variety of templates... that celebrate birthdays... anniversaries... and other special events. Finally, you can add a note. The recipient will not see this note. This is like the memo line on a check. And your note is stored in the history for your own future reference about this payment. Continue opens the preview payment screen. Review the details of your payment transaction to verify all the information is correct... and then send the payment. That's all it takes! The person you are paying, will be sent the message you specified... along with instructions on how they can receive the payment directly into their checking or savings account. If we recognize their email address as one that is registered in the Popmoney network... they will be sent a notification to have the money deposited into their previously registered bank account. Or it will be automatically deposited... if they have signed up for auto-deposit. If your recipient has not yet registered for Popmoney... they will be directed to Popmoney.com. There, they can search to see if their financial institution is part of the Popmoney network. And if they don't find their financial institution in the Popmoney network? No problem! They can use Popmoney.com to direct where they want the funds deposited. It's quick... easy... and very secure for you... and for your recipient.

Receiving Money

Receiving money sent through our trusted Popmoney network is simple... and secure. It's so simple that if you've used it before... you probably don't have to do anything. You'll receive a text message... or email... letting you know someone sent you money... and the money will be deposited into your account. If you bank with us... simply login to your account and enroll. If you are already enrolled and don’t see the payment you were expecting you may need to add the email address or phone number that the payment was sent to. If you're new to Popmoney… It'll direct you to the Popmoney Website. From here, you can learn more... download the app... or go to the full site to collect your money as a guest. Just enter the same email... or phone number used to notify you. And let us know where to deposit your money. If it's a checking account... you'll find your routing number... and account number on your checks. Or... if your debit card is part of these networks... you can choose to enter your debit card information. Finally, to verify your phone number... or email used by the sender... we'll send you a verification code. Once verified... the money will be deposited into your account. With Popmoney... all personal information remains confidential. It's simple. And secure.


The Activity tab is where you will find a record of your transactions. To find and view previous payments, select History... The list displays transactions matching your selection... ...including the Type of transaction... ...the Date... ...where the transaction was From... ...and To... ...the Amount... ...and the Status. In Progress means your transaction is awaiting processing. Pending indicates the transaction is in the process of being executed. Complete means the transaction has been processed and the transfer of funds has either occurred, or is ready for execution. To find a specific transaction, use Search. Enter any known information, including the period in which the transaction occurred... the amount... ...or a range of the amount... ...who the payment was sent to... ...or the category to which the payment was assigned. You can view the details of any transaction displayed in your history, by clicking on the listing. The screen will display the From and To details... ...the Date.. ...Delivery Speed... ...Payment Method... ...and amount of the transaction... Along with the Status... ...Reference number... ...and Notes. For any transaction that has a status of Pending, you can simply cancel the payment. If the status is In Progress, it means the transaction has been initiated... ...but the transfer has not yet been completed. If the transfer of funds to the recipient's account has not yet begun... you can stop the payment on an In Progress transaction... Keep in mind, just like stopping payment on a check, there may be a stop payment fee. Selecting Scheduled Payments... will display any transactions that have been scheduled for a future date. The list would include the next payment in a series of recurring payments... ...and also one-time payments set for a date in the future. You can view the details of these payments... and cancel them, by clicking on the item in the list.


Your contacts list is at the heart of this convenient personal payment service. It contains all the people you have stored in our system. While it's easy to enter a contact at any time. If you want to add only a single individual, select Add A Contact. Enter the first and last name of the person, and if you wish a nickname. Select Email Or Mobile Phone as the payment method. Enter the email address or mobile phone number for this contact... then enter it a second time to verify it was typed correctly. If you have the person's checking or savings account information... you can enter it here... to make direct transfers from your account to theirs. When ready, save, to add them to your list. To search for a specific contact... enter the first or last name... the period of time when you last sent a payment to the contact... an amount range of your last payment to this person... or the nickname. Search will display any contact matching the parameters you selected. To see the details of any contact record displayed... click to expand the record. From here you can view the information you have stored... and, edit it. Use the edit fields to change the name, or nickname... or to add another email address or mobile phone number. You can also delete any outdated information.


Overview displays a To Do List of activities that require your attention. The Incoming Payments section will alert you to any payments that are awaiting your deposit instructions. Click Details to view the information about this payment... ...Deposit to transfer the payment into your checking or savings account. Setting your preferences to auto-deposit will automatically deposit any future incoming payments into a selected account... ...allowing you to avoid the need to execute the deposit from this screen. If you are expecting a payment that is not shown in the list... ...it's usually because the email address or phone number it was sent to, is not yet listed in your profile. You can add the address or number from here. Alerts shows you any system tasks that require you to take an action. For example... ...if you add a new email address or phone number to your own profile... an alert will appear, reminding you to verify it... ...using the validation code in the message delivered to the new email address or telephone. Verify allows you to perform validation right from this overview screen. Overview also displays any Upcoming or Recent Transactions... ...giving you a shortcut to displaying the details and reviewing payments, or canceling or stopping payment on the transactions.


All the information about your profile is stored in Preferences... including any email addresses and phone numbers associated with your account. If you wish to add an email address to your profile, simply enter the address and Add. Popmoney will send a verification code to the new address. Log in to the email account. Find the validation message from us... and enter the verification code from that email message... then Continue. The email address will display Yes under Verified once the code is entered. If you wish to return at a later time to verify the new address, you can select Validate... and enter the verification code that was emailed to you. From here, you can also delete any email address or phone number that is no longer in use. The primary email address is used as a default. Any system notifications will be sent to this email address. You can change, delete... or add phone numbers... just as easily as email addresses. Enter the number and continue. A verification code will be sent to the phone. You can have the code transmitted by either text message... or voice call. Retrieve and enter the code to verify the new phone number. Automatic Deposit Settings... allow you to choose an account into which any payments sent to you, will be automatically deposited. This makes receiving payments through Popmoney a completely automated process. Popmoney makes all your personal payments easy and secure... and brings the power and convenience of electronic money transfers to the people you care about the most. Terms and conditions apply.


From the menu you can also review the accounts you've set up... including your accounts at other financial institutions. From the list, you can verify accounts that have not yet been confirmed... edit the account nickname... or delete the account... which will also cancel any pending transaction associated with the account.


Profile... lets you review some of our basic settings associated with our bill pay service. And it offers a convenient place to manage your Popmoney settings. Including your Popmoney email addresses. Phone numbers. And Automatic Deposit Settings


Located at the bottom of most pages... is our built in messaging center. It is a safe and convenient way... to inquire about your recent bill pay activity... or any general questions you might have that were not answered in Help. Communications will be ordered by date... with the most recent appearing first... and unread messages will be marked as new. From here you can read, delete... and send messages. You'll receive a response to any message that you send us. Plus, depending on the features you've set up in your account... you'll also receive your eBill... and automatic payment notifications here.

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That's our online bill payment service. Bill Pay. it's not only a great way to manage and pay your bills all in one place... it's very secure... and it's an excellent tool for keeping you in control of your payments. Pay bills in as little as one business day... and easily send money to friends and family. Plus, it's a great way to transfer money... regardless of where you keep it. Give it a try! See how much time it saves you.