What is Smart Deposit ATM?

Smart Deposit ATM lets you do your banking whenever it's most convenient. It's an automated teller that never closes and is always there for you!

What makes Smart Deposit ATM different?

These ATMs don't require envelopes or deposit slips. Instructions on the screen will guide you through the process of depositing your cash and checks directly into the machine. As checks are scanning, an image of each check is captured for processing. Currency is instantly validated. The ATM then calculates the total amount of your deposit. If there are items that the ATM rejected, they are returned to you at the end of your transaction.

How many checks and bills can I deposit at once?

Typically, the check slot can accept a stack of up to 30 checks. The cash slot can can accomodate up to 50 bills. This may vary. The on-screen instructions will include specific item counts for the machine you are using.

Do I have to face everything the same way?

The ATM can read your cash and checks no matter how they are oriented. However, the ATM can process your deposit more quickly if you take the time to insert your checks face up and in the same direction.

How will I know my deposit has been counted right?

The ATM will display the total amount that was calculated from the bills and checks you deposited. You'll be given the option to look at each scanned check image individually. If you see a discrepancy between the amount written on the check and the amount read by the ATM, you'll have the opportunity to correct it. You'll also be able to print a receipt that shows an image of each check and a summary of the currency included in your cash deposit.

Is Smart Deposit ATM available at every Greenville Federal ATM?

Only ATMs with counting and scanning capability can accept direct cash and check deposits. You can identify Smart Deposit ATM locations by the presence of cash and check slots, and the screen instructions for making deposits directly into the device. Don't forget, standard ATMs can still accept deposits wtih a completed deposit slip and a deposit envelope.

When using Smart Deposit ATM, when will my deposit show up in my account balance?

Funds from the validated cash portion of your transaction using Smart Deposit ATM will be available immediately. Checks deposited on business days will typically be credited to your account within 24 hours. On weekends and holidays, checks will not become available until the next business day, at the earliest.

Need Assistance?

If you have additional questions, contact Greenville Federal for assistance.