What is Touch Banking?

Touch Banking is an internet based service that delivers the convenience of online banking to your mobile device. Touch Banking allows you to perform banking related transactions from your phone 24/7.

What services are available with Touch Banking?

Touch Banking allows the following types of services:

What type of accounts can I access with Touch Banking?

Touch Banking will provide access to the same accounts that are viewable through Personal Internet Banking including your checking, savings, CD's and loans.

Is there a cost to use Touch Banking?

No. Touch Banking is a free service. Please contact your cell phone carrier for any standard charges that may apply to text messaging or web usage.

How do I enroll in Touch Banking?

You must submit a paper Online Banking application. Once enrolled in Online Banking, you will be automatically enrolled in Mobile Banking.

How do I access Touch Banking?

After enrollment, you will need to download the app and use your Online Banking credentials to log in.

What do I use for my Access ID?

The Access ID used for Touch Banking is the same as the Access ID used for Personal Internet Banking.

What phones are supported for Touch Banking?

Phones must have internet access and a browser that supports XHTML pages. Please contact your carrier for specific questions relating to your phones individual settings.

Does Touch Banking require any software to be loaded to the phone?

No. Touch Banking is a browser based application that does not require any software to be loaded to the individual device.

Is Touch Banking secure?

Yes. All messages exchanged between the cell phone and server are encrypted with 128 bit encryption. The message is then transferred over the phone carriers' network.


Need Assistance?


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