How does our Courtesy Pay overdraft service work?

In the event you make a debit card purchase that overdraws your account, or request an ATM withdrawal that exceeds your balance, Courtesy Pay overdraft services allow us to deposit the necessary funds to cover the transaction.

Your purchase is honored at the cash register. Your cash is dispensed by the ATM.

And, the next time you make a deposit, we deduct the amount of the overdraft we advanced, plus a fee for the service.

If you want to receive Courtesy Pay overdraft services, you'll  need to let us know.  All we need to provide your Courtesy Pay overdraft services for you is your permission.

Even in an emergency, your transactions will be declined – unless you act now and give us permission to provide your Courtesy Pay overdraft services.


If you have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us for assistance.