What has changed?

The login process will no longer display your selected image and pass phrase.

Will the new security make it harder for me to login?

Your login will remain simple and convenient, because the additional layers of security are usually transparent to you. 

How does it work?

Your AccessID and Password are still the most important keys to accessing your account, but they are just the beginning. We'll also look at the device you are using to access your account. If it is a device we haven't seen you use before - a different computer or a new tablet, for example - we'll ask you one of the Security Questions you chose during enrollment. That provides added protection in case your AccessID and Password have been compromised. We also will look at "geo-location" factors. If the login is coming from an unusual location, again, we'll ask you to answer one of your Challenge questions.  

How do I know I have a safe connection?

When you are logging in, our Extended Validation Certificate will display as a "green bar" in your browser's address bar. It is a known and trusted way to verify the authenticity of a website.