Popmoney® Small Business

Popmoney® Small Business is comprehensive electronic payments and invoicing solution designed specifically for small business. It allows businesses to send electronic payments to vendors and employees as well as invoice customers and receive electronic payments against those invoices.

Popmoney Small Business Invoicing

Popmoney Small Business Invoicing allows small businesses to conduct all their invoicing and receive payments directly into their primary business account – without using third-party software or payment services. Instead, electronic invoices are sent and paid directly from their online banking site. You can help small businesses accelerate their receivables process and receive invoice payments in as little as three to five business days. Invoice recipients will receive their invoices via email and can either make electronic payments through their bank’s online banking application or at Popmoney.com.

Flexible options allow small businesses to streamline their receivables and collections process by:

Popmoney Small Business Invoicing: How It Works

How Popmoney Invoicing Works

Popmoney Small Business Payments

While small businesses often prefer the ease of electronic payments, the need for the payee to disclose sensitive information such as bank account and routing numbers is often a deterrent. With Popmoney Small Business Payments, businesses can send ACH payments to vendors, employees and business partners with just the recipient’s email address or mobile number. Once the small business sends a payment, the payee receives an email or text notification with instructions on how to complete the payment process. If the recipient’s financial institution is in the Popmoney network they use their online banking application to accept the payment. If not, the recipient tells Popmoney.com where to deposit the money. The money moves directly from sender’s to recipient’s bank account. Popmoney uses the same network the world’s financial institutions use to move billions of dollars a day.

Flexible options allow you to customize your payments with these enhanced features:

An Expansive Network

Popmoney comprises a network of 1,400 financial institutions across the United States, enabling more than 35 million online banking consumers to take advantage of a unified, secure and easy-to-use person-toperson payments experience. The network continues to grow rapidly as more financial institutions join.

Unmatched Technology

Popmoney Small Business is built upon an industry-standard technology platform:


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