Another Layer of Security for Business Accounts – Soft Tokens 

Soft Tokens adds a new high-level security feature for our business account holders. Soft Tokens increase the safety of your log in process by generating a one-time password to use each time you log in to your account, helping to ensure your information is secure and assisting in protecting you from fraud and identity theft. 

How it works – The soft token app protects access to your business accounts by generating one-time passwords that you and authorized employees will use each time you log in to your accounts. The one-time string of numbers, combined with the PIN you set up, brings a mobile new way to add security to your account. 


Soft Token Activation

Activation is easy. Just have the soft token app installed on your phone and log in as usual using your computer.

You'll use the camera on your phone to scan a Cronto image, which contains an encrypted code that can only be read by the app. 
Entering the code deciphered by the app into the computer will register your device and allow you to enter basic security settings.

Once activated, the soft token app may be used for logging in or for verifying high-risk transactions like payments and transfers.

It's the ultimate in online banking security and convenience -- all in one simple soft token app.


If you have questions, please visit our Help Center, or contact us for assistance.