What are e-Statements?

e-Statements are an electronic copy of your statement. It’s a quick and easy way to receive and store your account statement using your access through online banking.

How do e-Statements work?

You log into Online Banking and sign up for the service using the enrollment link under the Options tab.  Then, we notify you through email  when your statement is ready to be viewed. You will be able to view your statement from your computer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the Internet.

Will I continue to get a paper statement through the mail?

No, your checking and savings statements will stop once you sign-up for e-Statements.

How safe is my statement online?

Just like Online Banking, we maintain a high level of security, using proven technologies to protect your data and the safety and confidentiality of your electronic statement.

When will I receive my online statement?

You’ll receive your statements sooner than with traditional mailing. Upon signing up for e-Statements, you will receive your first email notification the following month. You will continue to receive an email notification that your online statement is available.

How much history will I have access to?

e-Statements for checking and savings accounts are available for the previous 12 months.

Can I save my e-Statements?

Yes, you have the option of printing a hard copy or saving a copy of the PDF file to your own computer.


Need Assistance?

If you have additional questions, contact Fremont Bank for assistance.