What types of checks can be processed through DeposZip®?

All personal and business U.S. checks can be processed through DeposZip®. Checks from Canada and other foreign countries, savings bonds and poor image quality checks must be deposited traditionally.

How secure is DeposZip®?

 DeposZip® is very secure. It features multiple layers of security including password protection, Internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption, the highest level of security available.

What items are needed?

Which browsers work with DeposZip®?

Internet Explorer version 5.5/6.0 or newer, or the latest version of Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape.

What types of scanners are compatible?

All recommended desktop scanners, and some TWAIN-compatible scanners will work with DeposZip®.

What type of Internet connectivity is needed?

Broadband or DSL-type connections running at 128K or faster is recommended. The system will work with a dial-up connection, but the performance will be significantly slower.

When can electronic deposits be scanned to the financial institution?

You can transmit electronic deposits to the financial institution 24-hours a day, 7-days a week including weekends and holidays, with the exception of the financial institution's routine maintenance downtime.

When will deposits be posted into my account?

Deposits received electronically are processed similar to traditional paper deposits during the business day. The financial institution's window for processing electronic deposits may be extended. Contact your financial institution for details.

What should I do with the original paper checks after deposits are made?

Original checks should be stored for a minimum amount of time prior to being destroyed, as determined by your financial institution.

How do I prevent checks from being scanned and deposited twice?

The software has built-in duplicate detection tools that detect items already captured. If the software detects potential duplicate checks, an alert prompts you to make a decision about the items in question.

How do I know the image quality is acceptable?

The software has an Image Quality Assessment (IQA) tool that automatically identifies checks with missing or unreadable fields. If the image is not acceptable you will be asked to re-scan it.

How do I enroll for DeposZip®?

Login to OnLine Banking and select Accounts from the main menu then Online Deposit to register today. Then simply choose any account from the drop-down menu and click “Submit” to register for DeposZip®. Selecting one account suffix will register all account suffixes (i.e. savings, checking, money market) with the same account number. Please review the DeposZip® Disclosure and Agreement.