We know you want a home of your own. A place where memories can be made remembered and shared as the years go by. And one of the most important things about buying a home is knowing how much you can afford for a monthly payment. That's why finding the perfect home is just the first step. Finding a mortgage you can live with well, that's just as important. When you work with us for your mortgage our biggest job is to help you find a payment that fits your budget as well as your home fits your life. The Consumer Protection Act was passed to make sure guidelines are followed that will help you ensure that you'll have the ability to repay your mortgage. Good common sense rules. The kind of guidelines we've always stood for. Our goal, and yours is to end up with what the Consumer Protection Act calls a quality mortgage. One that you can repay. When you apply for a home loan we'll look at your income and financial assets. We'll ask for returns and paystubs to verify the information you give us. We'll also look at your debt to income ratio to make sure your new mortgage payment doesn't affect your ability to pay other debts. A quality mortgage doesn't use temporary low payment rates to determine whether you're able to repay the mortgage. For example, if the loan is an adjustable rate mortgage we'll generally have to consider the highest interest rate that you may have to pay, not the lowest. We avoid other unfair practices too. Like using an "interest only" period to qualify you. Or using "negative amortization" when the loan principal increases over time even though you're making payments. If there are balloon payments which are larger than usual payments at the end of the loan term we use them only as the law and good common sense allows. And we make them very clear and understandable. We don't use loan terms that are longer than 30 years and we carefully limit the amount of upfront points and fees you're charged. When you turn to us for your home loan you can count on getting a quality mortgage. One that makes your mortgage easy to live with while you build your future in a home of your own.