Having a credit card can be a great thing. You don’t have to carry large amounts of cash wherever you go. They're excellent for traveling and accepted nearly everywhere. They're great for bigger purchases or when an emergency pops up like when your refrigerator dies. If used sparingly, and paid off quickly credit cards can even improve your credit score. But you need to use credit cards wisely so they don’t cost you more than necessary. When you use your credit card you’re taking out a loan that needs to be paid back and the sooner the better. Credit cards almost always have higher interest rates than regular installment loans so here are some things you don’t want to do with your card… Don’t use them for minor everyday purchases. Using a credit card for routine items is like taking out a loan for a pack of gum. Instead use cash or your debit card for these things and you’ll be more likely to think twice before overspending. Don’t just make the minimum payment… unless you absolutely have to. Minimum payments will cost you more in interest fees because it takes far longer to pay off your bill. Whenever possible, pay your full balance off or as much as you possibly can each month. As long as you pay in full by the due date each month you won’t be charged interest fees. Don’t skip a payment or pay late. this can lead to costly late fees a higher interest rate and damage to your credit score. Don’t use your credit card for cash withdrawals. It’ll cost you. You’ll get hit with a fee when you withdraw the money pay a higher interest rate and interest charges begin as soon as you get the money. Always read the fine print when applying for a card or when you get your statement so you understand all your costs and fees. And remember: Always pay your card charges off as fast as you can. Be smart… be in control of your credit card.