Credit cards should do more than help you spend; they should help you get rewards too!

A rewards card gives you cash back, or travel and lodging points, for each dollar you spend on your card.

When looking for a card be sure to look for one that rewards you with cash back or points for the things you do the most, whether it’s normal spending, eating at restaurants, or traveling. 

You might even consider using a couple of cards that each reward a different category of your spending, so you can get the most out of your grocery shopping and your airline tickets!

There are some other details to think about too:

If there is an annual fee, make sure any rewards you get will be greater than the fee. 

You’ll also want to know if there are reward limits after spending above a certain amount.

And always be sure to pay off your credit balance each month, so interest charges won’t cut into your rewards.

Getting paid for spending – how great is that?