Beware of Scammers

Tips to protect yourself from fraud


Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to access your account information.  Here are a few examples of the latest scams and ways you can prevent them.   

1. Scammers posing as employees of the credit union will call from a "spoofed" phone number matching that of the credit union. Remember this: 

  • If Power CU calls you, we will NOT ask for personal information.  Do not share login info, passwords, account information, or anything else only known to you.
  • It is only when you call Power CU, we MAY ask for personal information to verify your identity.
  • Please call us immediately at (719) 564-0710 if you feel you have shared your personal information with anyone that called you posing as a Power CU Employee. 

2.  Scammers posing as Power CU’s fraud department will send a text message asking you to click on a link to confirm or deny fraud.  Remember this:

  • Power CU will never send you a text message asking you to click on a link.
  • Text messages are sent from Power CU’s fraud department, and you will be asked to respond with a Yes or No by texting back.     

3. Scammers posing as computer technicians in order to gain personal information. This usually begins when you clicked a link that loaded malicious software on your computer, at which time a link or phone number appears for an offer to fix the problem.  

  • Always use the latest virus/malware protection on your computers.
  • Do not share your computer with a "technician" that you did not find on your own.