Simple Practices Can Stop Complex Scams

Try these simple practices to help prevent complex scams from happening to you.

  • If we contact you, we will never ask for your full username or password. Scammers could use this information to log in to your account.
  • Never share text message verification codes for an unsolicited call. If someone calls you and asks you to share that information, it’s likely fraud.
  • Know your source. If you receive a call or text message asking for personal information from a phone number claiming to be Cedar Point, hang up and call us at 301-863-7071 to verify the legitimacy of the message.
  • Your cards are private. If someone asks you for your credit or debit card information unsolicited, do not provide it. Callers may be clever when trying to obtain such information, so be absolutely certain of the caller’s identity. Cedar Point uses EnFact Fraud Protection for the detection of fraud on your debit and credit cards. If EnFact is calling about a transaction on your card, the number you will see on your phone is 866-750-9107 (debit) or 800-279-2674 (credit). If you receive a message on your voicemail the message will request that you call 877-253-8964 (debit) or 877-968-2528 (credit).
  • Be vigilant with text messages and emails regarding your account. If someone sends you something you aren’t expecting and/or there are spelling and grammatical errors, think twice about responding. If you’ve signed up for text alerts through digital banking, you will receive messages from the number 55957

As always, if you are uncertain of the legitimacy of any phone call, email, or text message from Cedar Point, it is okay to be skeptical. Give us a call at 301-863-7071 during normal business hours to verify. Our Call Center representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to noon.