The 12 Days of Risk-mas
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The 12 Days of Risk-mas


On the 1st day of Risk-Mas: don’t take the bait and get PHISHED

  • Your financial institution will never send you an email asking you to verify personal information


On the 2nd day of Risk-mas: prepare to defend against MALWARE

  • Also known as spyware. You should install and update anti-virus and anti-malware regularly


On the 3rd day of Risk-mas: outwit the IMPOSTER SCAMMER

  • Hang up immediately if you get a call from someone claiming to be from computer tech support or a government agency asking for personal information.


On the 4th day of Risk-mas: safeguard your savings from ACCOUNT FRAUD

  • Monitor your credit report by going to 1-877-322-8228. It is recommended that you get a report from a different agency every four months


On the 5th day of Risk-mas: safeguard from IDENTITY THEFT

  • Place a fraud alert or credit freeze when necessary, monitor your accounts online in addition to paper statements, notify Cedar Point immediately if you suspect fraud, and file your taxes early.


On the 6th day of Risk-mas: don’t cash that FAKE CHECK

  • Fake check schemes include foreign lottery, check overpayment, secret shopper and classified ads
  • Throw away any offer that asks you to pay for a prize or gift, and know that foreign lotteries through the mail or telephone are illegal.


On the 7th day of Risk-mas: think about your PERSONAL SAFETY

  • Avoid using ATMs after dark
  • Travel with two or more people when shopping
  • Keep your hands free and be aware of your surroundings


On the 8th day of Risk-mas: avoid being the next victim of ONLINE FRAUD

  • Use multi-factor Authentication - this makes your information more secure
  • Password protection - don’t share your password, use a different password for different accounts, you may also want to consider a reputable password management service
  • Secure Wi-Fi network - secure networks will show a lock icon next to them or the word “secured”. Avoid using hotspots or unsecured public access for bill paying


On the 9th day of Risk-mas: PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION by putting your tools into action

  • Credit freeze: doesn’t affect your credit and can be placed or lifted (thawed) for review online or by phone.
  • Fraud Alert: stays on your credit report for a year. You give verification and approval for any attempted new lines of credit


On the 10th day of Risk-mas: use your internal security intellect to stop NEW TECH FRAUD

  • Think twice before responding to “urgent” text messages
  • Be on guard against unexpected pop-up windows on web sites
  • Only install programs that you know are from legitimate web sites
  • Be suspicious of unsolicited offers to download games, programs and other apps


On the 11th day of Risk-mas: don’t accept the offer of being a MONEY MULE

  • Never agree to move money for someone who contacts you promising a relationship, job, or prize.
  • The money is stolen and they propose empty promises. The scammer would ask you to wire money or use gift cards.


On the 12th day of Risk-mas: unwrap your RESOURCES for a safe holiday season and new year to come

  • Visit to browse a variety of security tools
  • Federal Trade Commission: 1-877-382-4357
  • Credit Bureau Information:
    • Equifax - 1-800-685-1111
    • Experian - 1-888-397-3742
    • Transunion - 1-888-909-8872
  • Contact our Security Specialist
    • Aaron T. Chase 301-863-7071 x8452