New Online Banking Platform - Fall 2018
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New Online Banking Platform - Fall 2018

2017 was a year of looking toward the future of technology. Following trends in our industry, the member experience with digital interfaces is a key factor in positive member feedback. As the credit union industry expands its reach into the digital sphere, constant growth becomes an important mantra.

With growth in mind, a dedicated team of employees spanning several departments began the implementation of three major projects in the technology realm this year. These projects are designed both to create a seamless experience for members already using our services and to attract new members who value these advancements.

The first of these projects was forging a partnership with the Allpoint Network to provide 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide for our members. 

The second project was the redesign of our website, including user-friendly navigation, online loan applications and a sleek new look.

We are proud to share that the third major update, slated to be released in Fall of 2018, is a state-of-the-art online banking and mobile platform. Our new online banking platform is designed to meet the ever-evolving digital needs of our growing membership. The user experience will be seamless across devices, offering a consistent digital experience whether on a computer, tablet or mobile device. 

Online Banking New Look










Here are some of the brand new features you can expect:

  Personal Financial Management tools for savings goals, budgeting and categorizing your spending habits

  Internal and External Transfers so that you can transfer between accounts at Cedar Point and other financial institutions and set up recurring transfers

   A Seamless Digital Interface which appears the same on your phone, computer or tablet

  Customization tools so that you can choose what you want to see and in what order.

  Touch ID biometric fingerprint recognition and user authentication

  Instant Balance, a feature which allows you to view your account balance without logging in

These are just a few of the new features, with many more to come. With all of this in mind, we are excited to take this new step. And we couldn't have done it without the support and suggestions of our members. You asked and we listened!