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CDs Strengthen Your Savings Portfolio

When you’re trying to bolster your savings, our Certificates of Deposit can be the ideal solutions that reward your patience.

CDs feature guaranteed rates of return that are higher than regular savings accounts. The difference with a CD is that you commit to investing your money for a specific amount of time in order to realize the full benefits, anywhere between a few months to a few years. The longer you leave your money invested, the larger your returns.

CDs are best when you have money you can set aside untouched for extended periods of time, because, it’s important to note, withdrawing your money before the term ends means incurring penalty fees. 

Once your term ends and your CD matures, you can either cash out the value or, as many people do, reinvest the money in another CD to continue growing your savings. One popular strategy is called CD laddering, which means opening multiple CDs for various terms so that a CD matures every six months or so. This strategy ensures a steady stream of income every several months in case you need to access your cash.

CDs are also appealing because you will never lose money on your investment. Your rate of return will never decrease during the term, so you’re guaranteed to end up with more money available than when you started. Plus, your money is federally insured to the maximum allowable limits.

It’s a win-win for your savings.

Let’s talk about how our CDs can help you achieve your financial goals. Visit us at a nearby branch or call us at 706-781-2265.