Worried about late or lost mail? It's time for Online Bill Pay

Late delivery of bills or payments sent through the mail can be frustrating--and costly.
If a bill shows up in your mailbox later that you expect, or if the paper check you send doesn't arrive to a biller by its due date, you can face having to pay a costly late fee.
It doesn't need to be this way.
Many billers can notify you via email when a payment is due, and if they can receive those payments electronically, you should consider using online bill pay via your online banking account, or your mobile banking app.
These digital payments let you choose who you are paying, the amount to be paid, and when each payment will be made, even as quickly as the next day.
Plus, you can review your payments by simply logging in to your account so you’re not agonizing about whether a bill got delayed or lost in the mail.
Ask us about how to set up online bill pay today. We’re always here to help.