Secret Bank Account To Pay Bills? Don’t Fall For This Scam

Secret money just for you? It’s tempting, but it’s not true.

No matter what you might see on the Internet or hear someplace else, you don’t have a secret account at the Federal Reserve that can be used to pay bills. And if you try it, you run the risk of identity theft or getting hit with past-due fees.

It works something like this:

Scammers tell consumers they have a ‘secret’ account or Social Security trust account at a Fed bank and they can use that money for bills – all you have to do is share your Social Security number so you can be given the correct Fed routing number to use.

The problem is, there’s no such thing – and sharing your Social Security number with the wrong person can lead to identity theft.

The Fed does not have accounts for consumers – only banks can bank there. So don’t fall for the bait.

By giving someone else your Social Security number, it could be used to try to take out a loan or get personal information about you.

If you trying using a fake account like this you could get stuck with late fees on your bills – because there is nothing to pay them with.

Don’t ever share financial account or Social Security numbers with anyone unless you’re sure it’s necessary.

So, don’t fall for the secret account scam.

It really is too good to be true.