Taxes can be complicated.

That’s why it’s important to have important documents ready at tax time so you can file with all the information you need - and why it might be important to use a tax professional, such as a CPA, an attorney or another qualified preparer.

These tax experts can be great resources for advice about documents you should be saving all year and what to bring when it comes time to prepare your returns so there won’t be delays in filing.

They can also give you advice about:

  • Whether you’re withholding too much or not enough.
  • If you could benefit by withholding more for retirement.
  • Whether charitable donations might be wise so they could be used as deductions.
  • If you’re keeping the right medical records.
  • And if there are other options you might have for tax breaks, such as child-care or mortgage-related costs.

These professionals can also help advise you about how to handle your tax obligations if you are self-employed – so you’re not caught owing more than you have in the bank at filing time.

To help find someone right for your needs, don’t hesitate to ask family, friends, or a trusted financial advisor for recommendations about tax professionals.

You’ll want to find someone you feel is trustworthy and is looking out for your best interests. And you’ll want to keep in touch with them to make sure you’re on track with the documents you need.

It will also be important to remember to schedule an appointment with your preparer early in the tax season so you can get your returns filed as quickly as possible.

Working with a trusted professional can help make filing your returns a lot less taxing.