Child Identity Theft
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Child Identity Theft

According to CSID Child Identity Survey, 1 in 10 kids are targeted for Identity Theft and, in fact, they are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults. Parents are often involved in monitoring their children’s online behavior and social media; however, many do not take action to protect their child identity.

Here are a few tips that parents can do to protect their child’s identity:

  • Ask questions - Whenever asked about your child’s personal information, ask questions. Questions such as “Why, and what will that information be used for?”
  • Talk to your child - Teach your child what types of information should be kept private and how to safeguard that information online and in person.
  • Understand your child’s phone and gadgets - Understand the basics of your child’s gaming console, mobile phone, tablet, and computer to ensure that it has the most up to date security.
  • Look into monitoring services - There are many monitoring services available to monitor identity theft, but pick one that includes monitoring online activities of your child.