Electronic Payments Keep You Safe And Informed

Are you looking for a fast, safe and convenient way to do everything from paying bills to making purchases?

Whether you use your debit or credit card for transactions, or set up online bill pay, you can easily track your spending and payment dates.

Electronic bill pay lets you schedule regular or single payments for things such as utility bills or loan payments, knowing that those payments will be made on time and that the transactions will be secure.

There’s no need to address envelopes, buy stamps or run the risk of bills getting lost in the mail. You can even make payments via online banking or mobile banking.

Person-to-person payments are also quick and easy - all you need is a phone number or email address to pay or be paid for things like a dinner bill, concert tickets, the babysitter, or even rent.

Your debit or credit cards can be accepted around town or around the world for purchases either in person or online. Your cards have protections that cash or checks don’t have and you can easily track your spending and statements online.

With electronic payments you can set up alerts to let you know if payments have been made, if they exceed a certain amount, or how and where they were made.

So for security and certainty, electronic payments are the way to go.

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