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As a small business, engaging with social media is an important marketing step, but to get the most out of it, it’s important to carefully consider what you’re going to post and when you’re going to post it.

Here are some tips on creating content to get you started:

To begin, think about what your business does and how your products or services might be suited to different platforms. Do you want to inform customers about your holiday hours? Or advertise a weekend sale?

A flash sale on a particular product might be perfectly suited to Twitter, while a tantalizing photo of your dinner special might be perfect for Instagram.

Don’t feel limited in what you can post but consider where you’re posting to and try and match the content and tone of your business peers!

Find a balance of entertaining and informative, match your copy to high quality photo and video content, and make it worth your customer’s time.

So how often should you post?

Deciding how much to post might sound hard, but using the built-in diagnostic tools on social media platforms, and assessing your audience engagement levels can help you find the right balance.  Just remember, different platforms might require different post frequencies.

You’re probably already personally engaging with some of the major social media platforms. Consider the opinions you’ve formed about how often businesses post and let that guide how often you post for your business!

If you are ever in doubt, a quick internet search can turn up thousands of resources on social media marketing strategies and guidelines.

When thinking about what to say or when to say it, the real key is to post something worth saying and do it well!