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Train Staff To Protect Mobile Devices Used For Work

Do your employees use their smartphones or other devices for work?

If so, you need to train them about device and data protection. It’s important to make sure you’re not putting your business data, reputation or customers at risk.

Here are some tips for making sure your staff is aware of device security:

  • Train all employees and provide regular reminders about device safety. That means setting use policies and providing the education they can understand and use.
  • Have experts do the training. Videos focused on device types can be especially helpful.
  • Make sure employees passcode-protect their devices and lock them when not in use.
  • Enable data encryption.
  • Advise staff to only download apps from official stores such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Apps downloaded from other sites could contain malware that can steal data or introduce viruses.
  • Remind them not to open unsolicited email or to download files or click on links from senders they don’t recognize.
  • Set up a remote wipe function so the data on the device can be deleted remotely if they lose their smartphone or tablet. And have them report lost devices.
  • Don’t store passwords or other personal or company information that can be stolen or accessed from a lost device.
  • Consider only allowing access to sensitive company data via a VPN, and then set user permissions based on employee needs.

Employees should install the operating system and app updates quickly since those updates often include security enhancements.

Training about device security will help protect your staff and your business.