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There are a variety of ways to get financing for your business, ranging from people you know to loans and credit options offered by financial institutions. Your choices also will depend on things like the status of your business and your credit rating.

Getting money can be rough, especially if you’re just getting started. Without a track record your options can be limited to loans from friends or family, and things like your personal credit cards or personal loans from a financial institution that are repaid over time and with interest.

Options broaden for established businesses, but lenders will consider many things before loaning funds, such as the amount requested, the risks and other factors. They also will be trying to make sure that you can repay the borrowed funds, so lenders will expect to see how much you want to borrow, what you plan to use it for, a realistic business plan and other financial information, such as tax returns.

Business lending options include:

- SBA loans that are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration and are made through approved lenders, generally banks. These loans tend to have reasonable interest rates, lower down payments and longer payment terms, but they can take longer to qualify for and require a lot of paperwork. You can learn more about SBA loans and how to apply at SBA.gov.

- Business lines of credit offer a lot of flexibility and are similar to regular credit cards. If approved, a lender sets a maximum line of credit you can access and you can use the money as you need it. You’ll be charged interest on what you take out and you’ll need make monthly payments on what you borrow.

- Term loans are another option. This is when you borrow a sum of money over a fixed period of time. You’ll make monthly payments that include interest costs. One type of term loan would be a commercial mortgage loan for things like buying and developing commercial property.

- There are also loans for business equipment or machinery that you might need.

Your financial institution or accountant can be great places to start for advice about your loan options and what could work best for your business and situation. Be sure to ask about qualifications, interest rates and any fees associated with the loans so you’re aware of your responsibilities and payments.

So, if you need money for your business, make sure to take the time to research the options that might meet your needs.