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As a business owner, you’re probably leveraging social media to build your brand, share your products, and expand your customer base. But are you taking steps to guard your reputation?
Regularly monitoring your sites and using social listening tools to guard against imposters and outside comments could protect you from some nasty headaches.
Sign up for accounts in your business’ name on all the major social media platforms, even if you have no immediate plans to use them.  This will make it harder for an imposter to post in your name.
Do an internet search of your business on a regular basis and see what comes up. This will show you what a customer would see when searching for your business and allow you to address any potential issues sooner rather than later.
Respond to all negative feedback in a positive manner. Stay calm, apologize to the customer by saying something like, “I’m sorry you experienced this issue,” and identify how you handled the situation. If you think the negative post is spam, report it.
Consider using a social listening tool for your accounts. These tools will scan the internet for mentions of your products or business and alert you when new posts appear. This will help you spot imposter accounts and potential trouble spots before they get out of hand.
Finally, have a plan in place in case something does go wrong and be ready to implement it the moment something happens. This should be part of your business’ social media policy.
Rebuilding a damaged reputation is extremely difficult and can take years. Protect your business by having a plan in place today.