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Using social media can be a great way to stay in touch with customers, but without a plan, you run the risk of letting your content go stale or missing opportune moments to post.

That’s where a content calendar can be a big help!

A well-planned content calendar can help you look ahead, focus your messages, and create the right content.

While some businesses, such as restaurants, might only want to plan a few days ahead and promote something like an upcoming breakfast special, others may be able to look weeks or months down the road to plan around holidays, shopping seasons, or regular sales.  

Your next step can be as easy as setting up a spreadsheet or downloading one of the many planning calendars available for free on the web. You can also consider using a paid service that allows you to prepare and schedule content in advance. 

Once you decide on your approach, start filling out the calendar! 

Think about where you’ll be publishing and tailor the message to that platform. Make sure you get quality photo and video content to accompany your text to achieve the greatest impact!

Planning in advance should give you plenty of time to review posts, check for spelling and grammar mistakes, and allow for suggestions, to help improve the content.

Another advantage to keeping a content calendar is that you can use your social media analytics to correlate any upticks in sales or website traffic to days that you published specific content and then use that knowledge to craft future messaging.

Start your content calendar now and start thinking ahead!