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Multifactor Authentication for Businesses

What Is multifactor authentication and how can it help your business?

Businesses have become increasingly vulnerable to hackers trying to gain access to their employee email accounts and other vital systems.

One important safeguard to implement is multifactor authentication — or MFA — which can help protect against cybercriminals who seek to steal company or customer data by targeting employees.

Multifactor authentication helps slam the door on unwanted intruders by requiring staffers to provide additional evidence to prove their identity when logging in.

These methods include using a combination of factors, such as:

-Something a person knows, like a username and password.
-Something they have, like a smartphone or token.
-Something inherent to them, such as their fingerprint or face.

MFA requires two or more of these factors before employees can access accounts they’re authorized to use, whether they are working from the office, home, or on the road.

For example, after typing a username and password, additional authentication steps might include entering a series of random numbers that are sent via text message or email, or that are
generated by a software app or token.

Multifactor authentication can give your business the extra layers of defense it needs to keep your important business and customer data safe.