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Welcome to the ROI Calculators

BankCherokee doesn't just talk about savings -- we offer you tools to achieve it.

The business environment has never been more competitive, and you've never had to work harder for every dollar of profit. That's why our Cash Management tools are so important. Every business solution offered by BankCherokee saves your business time and money -- and that's not something you have to take our word for. This suite of calculators will take your real-world numbers and calculate the Return On Investment your company can expect to achieve.

Each calculator explores not just the costs associated with one of our services, but the costs you incur completing these transactions without the service, and the cost savings you'll enjoy by taking advantage of them.

  • Direct Deposit: Find out how electronically paying your employees saves time and money every payroll period by analyzing the cost of manual payroll versus electronic.
  • Bill Pay: Discover the savings that electronically paying bills offers your business by analyzing the labor costs, check fees and postage expenses involved versus our fast and free bill payment service.
  • Remote Deposit: Comparing the time to prepare deposits along with those costly trips to make those deposits, versus depositing your checks right from your desktop, our calculator provides some surprising results.
  • Direct Debit: If your business collects recurring payments, see how you can reduce time and expenses for billing, collecting and depositing recurring receivables!

Take a tour of our products, calculate the savings, and see for yourself.