Danger Zone: Home

I Think I'm a victim.The simple act of sending and receiving mail, and putting your trash out at night can put your personal information at risk. Financial information, checks, bank account and credit card statements, and monthly bills can be stolen from your home, mailbox or even from your trash, and used to access your accounts and steal your identity. Watch the Video

Follow these steps to protect against identity theft in your home
  1. Invest in a personal shredder. This is your first line of defense. Shred checking and credit card statements, cancelled checks, pre-approved credit card offers, or anything with your personal information on it before disposal.
  2. Place your garbage out on the morning of pickup rather than the night before. This gives dumpster divers less opportunity to go through your trash.
  3. Install a mailbox with a locking mechanism, or pick up your mail immediately after it is delivered each day.
  4. Change that old habit of placing mail in your mailbox for the carrier to pick up. Always place out-going mail in an official, secure mailbox.
  5. It’s good practice to store your mail, bank statements, and other papers where they are out of sight and out of reach of anyone who might be in your home.

By following these steps you are on the right track to protecting your identity. Learning about all the identity theft danger zones and the simple steps you can take to avoid being a victim, is the best way to protect your good name.