What is NESC Mobile Banking?

NESC Mobile Banking is our mobile service that brings banking to your phone. NESC Mobile Banking allows you to monitor your account from your phone at any time.

What can I do with NESC Mobile Banking?

NESC Mobile Banking allows you to:

How do I enroll in NESC Mobile Banking?

Are there guidelines for creating account "nicknames"?

During enrollment, you are given the option of providing "nicknames" for your accounts. It's also included in the account history message returned by the financial institution.

For this reason, the nickname should be as short as possible. There is a maximum of ten characters, and fewer than five is recommended if you plan to use the SMS text service.

What phones are supported for NESC Mobile Banking?

Any phone with text messaging capabilities can take advantage of NESC Mobile Banking.

Is NESC Mobile Banking secure?

Yes, NESC Mobile Banking uses the same multilayer security as your desktop computer.

No non-public personal data is sent to or stored on the mobile banking devices and sensitive information is not available even if someone else gains access to the device. Do not store your online banking password in the device browser. Storing the password would potentially allow another person to follow the bookmark and log in. Quit out of the browser after each Internet banking session to erase session information and keep an unauthorized person from using the "back" browser function to re-enter your online banking.

Can I use NESC Mobile Banking on more than one phone?

Yes. You can add phones, change services or cancel at any time from the NESC Mobile Banking setup screen.