Money IQ Test

The easiest way to deliver financial literacy and identity theft education.

Think of it as a monthly online magazine full of professionally produced content – videos and articles – branded for your financial institution. You control the content. You can even add your own local articles. It’s the next step in delivering valuable education.

It’s time to more effectively educate consumers about money, banking and identity theft prevention:

Teach young families how to better manage their money
Talk to seniors about their unique financial needs
Reach out to educate the underbanked
Build consumer loyalty through meaningful education
Attract new customers or members through increased online exposure
Deliver Education Across Multiple Channels
Delivering your information could not be easier. Click to publish the provided videos and articles to your Website, Facebook, Twitter and Mobile devices. Send monthly email newsletters. Even deliver educational videos right in your lobby. It’s a complete solution for delivering critical information about money, banking, identity theft and more.

Welcomed by Financial Regulators
CRA: The Money IQ program can help regulated financial institutions fulfill part of their Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) obligations to help meet the credit needs of their entire community, including areas of low- and moderate-income.

FFIEC: Guidance calls on all financial institutions to deliver and report ongoing identity theft education to consumers and businesses. New identity theft videos and articles are delivered every quarter.

Regulation E: Consumer education is a key component of Reg E. Delivering education about overdraft products, options, and ways to avoid overdrafts is built into Money IQ.

Simplify Social Sharing
Streamline postings of videos and articles to Facebook and other social media sites. Money IQ videos are perfect for increasing your social media viewership.

Engaging Email Newsletters
Update and automate – everything you need to deliver monthly or quarterly email newsletters with video and articles. Use Money IQ to substantially reduce your costs of sending printed newsletters.

Go Mobile
Connect with consumers on their terms - Money IQ content is optimized for mobile phones and tablets including iPad, iPhone, Android and others.

Optimized for Search Engines
Every word inside your published articles will be available on all major search engines to attract new consumers to your site.

Edit or remove articles. Add your own local articles. Just type them in using our easy content management system dashboard then publish.